Episode # 182 - Too Short To Be a Hobbit

April 25th, 2016
We lucked out this week and managed to get a great guest just minutes before we recorded. Gareth Thomas @enozoria, Host of Gareth's Random Ramblings joins us all the way from Australia. You know we have great chemistry with a guest when it takes 30 minutes to start talking news! He is nice enough to indulge our ignorance about Australia, Kangaroo dongs and dingoes eating babies. This week we feature a promo from our buds @EpicFilmGuys! Great show, Check it out!  Do us a huge favor and leave us a Review on iTunes and please share the show with a friend! It only takes a minute and helps us out a lot more than you think! Find us and our new friends over on twitter using the hashtag #PodernFamily. It's a really great group of shows from all categories. 
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