Episode #264 And their bombs, And their bombs

February 5th, 2018

We get this one in right before the biggest game of the year, Brianvs Billy 20 lol, No the Superbowl of course. We all describe what this  day means to us. Whether it be the commercials, the food te game, or betting like degenerates it truely is the great Ameican holiday. All of our lovely ladies help us out by reading off more nominies for the brushies later this month. A new sex position is dicussed called the amazon. Is it demeaning to Men? Finally PIB has a realization as we figure out that Zombiver and over again. We have e by the Cranberries,rhymes bombs, and appreciate you for listing We had a great time recording this show , and appreciate you listening. Check us out on IRN and Radiovegas.rocks, Like the facebook page, and download the radio vegas mobile app.

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