Episode # 149 - Broke Back Mount Doom

September 7th, 2015
We've got a dynamite show for you. Our artist friend Danielle (@Star2D2Girl) and resident creeper Kenny join us for what is a full episode of debauchery. Clown sex, LOTR romance, Priests that were unfairly targeted, that one thing Meatloaf wont do (but Lu will) and a lot more. We hear some hot new tracks from KZ and RiseLikeFenix who spit that hot fire at Pete AGAIN. Will he fire back next week? Time will tell. After you listen to us, check out our buds at Old Man Orange and The Darkest Hour. You hear snippets from them this week. Do us a favor and tell a friend. We want this show to grow but we need your help to do that. And dont be afraid to hit us up on social media. We dont bite but we do say foul things to be prepared for that.  
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