Episode # 139 - F’ Everybody and Their Tiny Dongs!

June 29th, 2015
This is a crazy show as two supreme haters guest star. Alex AKA "El Zilcho" and  Dan "Lu's Smokin Hot" Pihlkar instigate a full podcast of in fighting. This week we hear about Foghorn Leghorn and his sketchy past, Alex talks himself into a hole about micro penis that he cant dig himself out of, Brian tells us about his childhood which is remarkably like "the toy", Dan tells a story that makes us think hes banging plumbers, the Turtle Police Department and A LOT MORE! Balderdash is back and the answer torpedoes are primed. You hear from our friends at Old Man Orange Podcast, check them out! Listen for details about our theme song contest! Seriously, no real musical experience or skill required! 
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