The Urban Toledo Gang Podcast
A really funny bunch of guys that do skits, funny original music & a bunch of original characters. Check out both the podcast and the youtube channel!
The Bold & Belligerent Podcast
If you like us you'll like them too. A wild buncha guys that pull no punches, even when it comes to themselves. Not kidding they hurt each other on air. Funny as hell.
The Old Man Orange Podcast
This podcast has a lot to offer. They cover entertainment, video games, music and there's a lot of funny banter in between. 
The Offensive Line Podcast
 You wont find a more diverse group. They're genuinely funny, quick witted, and very offensive.   
The Lo Fi Show
Heavy Fuckin Metal and crazy comedy. Don't be a pussy. LISTEN
Totally Insane Tape Show
AKA TITS! Who doesn't love tits?! New podcast friends of ours from across the pond that do some very funny movie reviews. Check them out!
Cocktails & Centaurs
These are some funny, foul mouthed, drinkin, burpin, not a fuck givin chicks! Check em out, its a fun and crazy show!
Attention Deficit Order
This show is a trip. They smoke up constantly and amazingly manage to keep it together and do a seriously funny podcast.